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Author: Glen Rainbird (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: October 30, 2011 11:14 PM
Version: v0.2
Views: 14,054
Downloads: 603
License: Apache License, Version 2


This ColdFusion component takes advantage of ColdFusion's integration with .Net (dotnet) and makes available to the developer the ability to make HTTP requests to sites that use Integrated Windows Authentication (NTLM).

The component allows you to 'run as' the user your "ColdFusion 9 .NET Service" is running as which means the Windows Service user credentials are used in the NTLM handshake.

This has been developed as an alternative option to CFHTTP with the added benefit of making requests to IWA (NTLM) sites.

It returns a struct that matches the struct that CFHTTP would normally return.

Use it like this:
[cfset httpDotNet = CreateObject("component","httpDotNet")]

[cfset httpDotNet.setURL("http://myurl.com/")]
[cfset httpDotNet.setIsNTLM(true)]

[cfset strResponse = httpDotNet.send()]

To set the equivalent of cfhttpparam use the same technique as the cfscript i.e.


Unfortunately it is not as fully featured as CFHTTP
missing the ability:
- send xml httpparam;
- send cookie httpparam;
- make a request via a proxy;
- and probably others that I have not taken stock of yet).

Last Update:

- Check what version CLR you're running.
- Changed from System.Net.WebRequest to System.Net.WebClient. Fixed a problem where the HTTPWebResponse stream couldn't be cast as a WebResponse.
- Added more 'addParam' functionality; 'formfield','xml','file','url','cookie'.
- You can now 'download' files, getAsBinary(true).


ColdFusion 9
- (uses 'var' that is incompatible with CF8 and lower)

ColdFusion 9 .Net Service

and .NET

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